With every step she remembers her journey, the battered shoes taking her back to her childhood.

days when she would spend washing her feet again and again to keep away the dust  . the broken buckle of the school shoes that resulted in her throwing a tantrum , which finally ended with her brother dragging her all the way to school. she still remembers the sting of the black ants that bit her when she was forced to wear school shoes one day by her mother. her mother stopped pushing her to do anything after that.

The beautiful sparkly shoes she dreamed of growing up that was part of her dreams. she would always go through magazines imagining wearing those beautiful shoes.

then came the stage of buying shoes , the beautiful ones.

oh how she loved trying out so many different ones before buying one pair . the pretty shoes didn’t always bring comfort, it pinched or made her walk funny ,.

later she wanted shoes in different colours , it was like a playing with toys , so many colours to choose from.

only later she started looking for comfortable shoes yet pretty ones.

her quest for pretty beautiful  shoes continues.

she still reads the fairy tale – Red riding shoes…..

all though her quest her feet has taken her to the ends of the world. to pain and away from it, love and heart break her feet has always been distracting her from her insipidea8aa10be55169ccc4b70c680d06cf8c life


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