I am constantly bombarded by information. 24/7 .I love reading , anything anywhere anytime. the only place I don’t carry reading material is to the loo. somehow it feels like I am defiling the reading material..I have always been an voracious reader , some books influenced me a lot , some didn’t. I can still remember my history textbooks page to page . I wish I recalled all that I read as an student. but now I know which page and paragraph of my text carried  Tippu Sultans “Mangalore treaty “.

I have spent more money on books than anything else.I love going to bookstores browsing for hours . I will never get tired of this past time .I wouldn’t mind getting lost and locked up in a bookstore.Just imagine so many books to read !! the smell of books – divine…

and then I was gifted kindle , I loved it ! no need to keep the bed side lamp on to read !!and along with that came the bad habit of reading many books simultaneously. I was terrified i would turn out to be an person who reads the end of the book after reading the first few pages!! thankfully My Kindle just died one day and I never purchased another.. maybe its time for another.

now I have an Kindle App On my phone and you can see me fall asleep with my phone in my hands.

My cat Cleo hated my phone , she hated the amount of time I spent looking at it rather than play with her.she isn’t around anymore,my reading addiction continues.

I have always shut the world out with my books. I didn’t need to deal with the everyday if I had a book.

I still love my books , I still wish I could read every last one of the printed material in this world.I wish  I old-shattered-librarycould retire with all the books in the world ..


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