The ditcher

The Ditcher – is our title for each other . I just cant imagine its been almost half an decade since we know each other.You are my reality check amongst all my friends.

I come to you with the all my problems, from career, guys to politics to movies.I come to you when I need an reality check . Not that I like what you say always , your words are stark and hurtful at times , but it is appreciated .It is appreciated because that’s the truth and truth can be hurtful.I know I can come to you anytime with anything on my mind and I will get advice though you hate telling people what to do in their lives.

I love  the sarcasm and your wit that keeps me on my toes , the long calls on Skype. The  conversation that is continued through different mediums flows without any pause is what I appreciate.

I know I am the stalker who is befriending all your friends , what can  I say other than you have some amazing ditcher you ditched me again this time around for an holiday !! last time you ditched me on FEB 30th at the Altar !!!!

So yes be ready for revenge when I come back and teach your kids[ in the future] all things that will annoy you .thank you ditcher for being there for me :). and introducing me to some of your amazing friends .Adnan A Khan Its an honouraak knowing you




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