As she walks the dark cold streets , she looks in at the warm houses on either side. the light spilling out of the windows, the laughter, silences, takes her back in time .

how excited they were to get married , to set up an home together, to join two families and create a new . dreaming of the future, the little people who would look like them.

when did the poison seep into their lives? was it when she was busy being a mother? or when he was working hard to provide for the growing family.

when did they loose their precious little boy to drugs? the long stretches of time he spent alone. not communicating , cutting himself off from all the love.what drove him to find solace in mind numbing , soul destroying drugs?

Was she a bad mother? was he a strict father ?where did they go wrong , all the questions went  unanswered as they buried their teenage boy . dust to dust , ashes to ashes …

but the questions remained. the laughter and fun replaced with anger and blame and silence . when did he decide to walk away from it all? was I still not his wife , were the other kids responsible for the decay of the family ?

all she remembers is long days at work to provide for the family , and lots of guilt and burden , that made all the children run far away as soon as they were able. to leave her alone with memories in the cold comfort of her house .with only ghosts of the past to comfort her ……urbanphotos19



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