Perfect part -1

he watches her every move , she came in just a few days back . she walked in with so much of hope in her eyes and expectations. lugging her luggage behind.

Made him wonder why someone would choose this house . after all , no one has stayed here from past 20 years . not since that last time they ran away screaming in the middle of the night…

she has been cleaning all the grime away , looks like she is processed by demons that drive her to keep going.he has been silently watching her  following her.

he didn’t want to spook her yet . he has a good feeling about this one . she will will be perfect .. maybe he will slowly start introducing himself . yes that would be perfect.

would she welcome him? or hate him? but then it doesn’t look like anyone will come out to her rescue.

he has watched her cry herself to sleep, she doesnt call anyone in that new phone of hers … yes sir she is perfect he thinks as he watchs her go to sleep

[ to be continued]Untitled


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