Early morning – beach

I tried tone the first one on the beach but I failed . Inspire if the blaring bhajans outside the resort gates which sounded like an warning to all revellers I couldn’t wake myself up early in the morning.

When I finally hit the beach at 7 something in the morning  the last of the morning walkers were dragging themselves home. A game of cricket was going on . A few elderly people were watching sitting on the cement seats by the beach.

The crows were impatiently picking the news papers apart in search of food . Not sure how garbage ends up on the beach even with so many garbage bins on the beach. 

As one walks closer to the beach one sees a few handful couples , tourists jumping into the water , and a strange fellow who is floating on the water !!! He was still floating after 45 minutes . 

The beach dogs ! Friendly and wanting to play .. All in search of food . 

The priests busy setting up their parapernalia to see if someone across the river vaitarini into heaven …A lone fisher man in his boat bobbing in the middle of the majestic blue ..against the backdrop of the St.Marys island

The arabian sea majestic and indifferent sees it all everyday never ceases to amaze and terrify people in all it blue power ..


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