Ego and Love

Ego plays such an important role in our relationships. we judge everything with our ego firmly by our side . we dwell on our past and live in the future. never ever appreciate the present moment .

I am often told  by well meaning friends. don’t pay so much attention to the guy , he will take you for granted, go away for a few days in terms of technology . ignore him . he will want to know more about you.If he ignores you after that then its not worth it

Is it what I should be doing? should I play mind games?

Or do I behave exactly how my heart dictates? love him and shower all the love affection that I have on him? without any expectations? because I love doing it and it makes me happy.

yes I am always available for him, yes he takes his time messaging me most of the times. yet he messages me regularly as soon as he wakes up…should I take offence ? Maybe it would be nice if he was available for me always…

every message from him makes me smile like an idiot , makes me happy , isn’t that enough?

I relish every moment that I am in touch with him. I think he is absolutely perfect .I have learnt to be more patient and calm , to laugh more to not get affected by anything negative.

he makes me want to be a better person..Isn’t that enough? does it have to end with when are you getting married?

it would be wonderful to be married to a person like that have  his babies ,, yet if it isn’t
possible is it wrong?





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