Why are you still single ?

Its a weird world,kids want to grow up fast and adults want to be kids again. people who are single want to be in a relationship , Married people want to be single again.Makes me wonder why are we always in a hurry to live in the future or dwell in the past?


How difficult can it be to live in the present moment to moment?

A single woman is asked why are you single , you are reasonably good looking, successful, you meet such dynamic people why are you single. being single looks like a crime.

And if you are in a relationship then starts the questions. so when are you getting married? will you get married? when? if you get married then comes so when do we get to hear the good news? when will you have kids?

I mean how intrusive can you get!!!!

After the first kid comes – so when are you having the next kid? where will your kids study? people will tell you how to bring up your kids. Justified I supposed since they forced you to get married and have kids.. and then its all about paying bills and bringing up your kids

And the cycle goes on ….images



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