You Shameless woman

People love talking.Everyone wants and needs to be heard. yet I feel the last 2 years have been a cacophony of voices trying to sound intelligent. competing with each other to prove they are smarter than the people who hear or read their opinions.

I sometimes hate Facebook and Twitter passionately for creating a generation of self-centred half educated morons. or what we call trolls.

Everybody thinks he has mastered the subject he is talking about. its his right to rip another person to shreds. and he is absolutely right ,And anyone who disagrees with his point of view is an moron who doesn’t deserve to live.

Growing up in a liberal home, I love to learn new languages , cultures and religion.I am an agnostic person so maybe its easier to accept another persons idea of god.

Yet trolls have a gala time trolling me because I follow people from our neighbouring country.One moronic troll didn’t even realise I was following a parody account.I was accused of being an non patriotic person.I did point out that it was an parody account. the troll answered – doesn’t matter You shameless woman  you traitor.

Its so easy to hate each other. yet it takes a few minutes out of our life to know another persons point of view before hating.I think hating takes a lot of energy. When we take time out to understand why the person says and believes what he does its easier for us to LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Dont you think we need to leave a better world , peaceful world for the future generation?






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