Writing  a blog is something when the mood strikes sounds fun . trust me some of you are too lazy to type out our thoughts.

I wish my thoughts automatically converted into blog. that would be so easy.

I am told by fellow bloggers to dedicate particular time of the day , dedicate a few minutes for writing.but I hate routine. I hate confirming to anything.I always took pleasure is doing the opposite of what was expected of me.

As a kid my brother got so fed up  of this behaviour.He would specifically tell me “don’t do this ” when he wanted to get things done.I overheard him telling mom – you just need to tell her not to do something and she will do it.poor guy had to learn reverse psychology at a very young age.

Now I am challenging myself to blog everyday .Maybe blog based on alphabets or maybe blog about one person a day .I just wish I didn’t have so much problem committing to writing.


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