Colours dictate so much of our lives. colours we like , colours we dislike, colours we don’t care about. life is not lived in black and white. There is so much colour all around us.

Can you imagine how life would be if we were living it in black and white?no colours just black and white.I am sure it would have been mighty boring.but I have to say , portraits are always fascinating in B&W

I mean I wear clothes based on my moods. my mood dictates what colour suits the day.the natural colours are so vibrant and beautiful compared to man made ones.gazing at green building might get boring after some time but not green vegetation.have you ever wondered who splashed all the beautiful colours on the birds and animals and butterflies.The different hues of the flowers always so fascinating.

In India even colours take on spiritual or religious beliefs. colours to wear for good luck and colours to avoid bad luck. Vastu and Feng shui decides wall colours.

most emotions are filled with colours too isn’t it? black mood ? feeling blue, looking at the world through pink glasses , green with jealousy , yellow liveried, yellow journalism ,beaten black and blue, etc…..

well all that on tries is to live a life filled with colour…..


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